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ERF Wireless the technology solutions provider that brings you "Internet the way it should be...fast and reliable." We specialize in providing high-speed wireless and broadband product and service solutions to enterprise, commercial and residential clients with an emphasis on serving rural communities throughout West Texas, South Texas, and Texas Gulf Coast. Our broadband networks provide speeds up to 10/Mbps. Higher speeds are available with custom packages. High-speed internet connection is very important for cryptocurrency trading. Traders may miss opportunities if they are not fast with their dealings. Our services are widely used by crypto traders for efficient trading experience.
Speeds up to 25x faster than Dial-Up and 4x faster than DSL. Your Internet will never be the same!
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Outfit your business with the right technology to keep it running efficiently.

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Service Areas
ERF Wireless is Providing High Speed Internet Services to:
West Texas, Gulf Coast & South Texas


If you would like pricing for residential or business services in your specific area, please enter your ZIP code.


Browse the web up to 7x faster than traditional Dial-Up.

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