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Frequently Asked Questions
ERF Wireless would like both new and current customers to be as informed as possible about the products and services we offer. We've provided answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

How ERF Wireless Compares
Wireless Broadband Services
Accelerated Dial-Up

How ERF Wireless' Services Compare

Q. How fast is erfSpeed?
A. Depending on your needs, our erfSpeed product offers up to 6 mbps download speeds for residential use and up to 10 mbps download speeds for business-class customers.
*Actual downstream and upstream transmission speeds may vary depending on signal strength and other factors.

Q. How does erfSpeed compare with dial-up?
A. Our traditional erfSpeed 1 mbps package provides connection speeds up to 20 times faster than a 56K modem. A 3.7MB video clip can be downloaded in just over nine minutes with dial-up and less than 30 seconds with erfSpeed.

Q. How does erfSpeed compare with cable and DSL Internet connections?
A. Like cable and DSL, wireless spectrum is a shared resource, so speeds may be slower at busy hours, but unlike cable and DSL, erfSpeed can provide connections up to 6 mbps for residential services and up to 10 mbps for business-class customers.

Q. What determines my connection speed?
A. The speed you experience can vary depending upon the service level you purchase plus a number of other factors, such as response time from a particular website, distance from your local ERF Wireless tower site, physical obstructions or the number of users online.

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Wireless Broadband Services

Q. What is erfSpeed?
A. erfSpeed is ERF Wireless. high-speed, wireless broadband Internet product. We offer one residential package and three business-class packages. Our speeds are faster than others currently on the market. For residential use, we offer speeds up to three mbps. For commercial use we offer speeds up to six, and even 10, mbps. We also provide businesses with professional quotations on custom speed solutions.

Q. How does wireless Internet work?
A. It works by translating signals to and from nearby cellular towers instead of using a traditional telephone line.

Q. Can I use my telephone or fax machine when I am online?
A. Yes. erfSpeed does not utilize telephone lines when connecting to the Internet, so your telephone line is free for other uses.

Q. Where can I use my wireless connection?
A. If you own a laptop and choose to purchase a wireless network card, you can have the flexibility to connect online anywhere within the coverage area of the wireless modem . your home office, upstairs, downstairs, inside or outside. For information on a wireless upgrade for your laptop, please call one of our Customer Service specialists.

Q. What is the difference between a megabit and a megabyte?
A. As the names imply, megabit refers to individual bits, while megabyte refers to 8-bit units. The abbreviation Mbps (or mbps) refers to megabits per second and the abbreviation MBps refers to megabytes per second. The conversion is: 1 MBps = 8 Mbps.

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Accelerated Dial-Up

Q. What is the difference between standard dial-up and an accelerator?
A. An accelerator allows for up to seven times faster Web browsing. The accelerator, however, does not provide faster download or upload speeds.

Q. What will be accelerated?
A. An accelerator will accelerate:
  • All text (HTML, markup and JavaScript)
  • Most graphics & photos (including jpeg and gif images)
  • Most banner ads (including animated gif images and Macromedia Flash content)
  • All browser-based e-mail
  • All e-mails that contain images (even when read in a dedicated e-mail program)
  • MP3 files, executables & other files (when downloaded from within your browser, and depending on the quality of your connection)
  • Portions of games (that use standard http)

Q. What will NOT be accelerated?
A. An accelerator will not accelerate:
  • Streaming media and audio and video files
  • Secure pages, such as those used for online banking and credit card forms and pages accessed over VPN
  • Files downloaded outside your browser using ftp
  • Portions of games that use specialized, non-http protocols

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Q. Where are ERF Wireless' services available?
A. Use the Zip Code Locator found on the Home Page by clicking here.


If you would like pricing for residential or business services in your specific area, please enter your ZIP code.


Browse the web up to 7x faster than traditional Dial-Up.

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