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erfSpeed Requirements

Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows 2000/XP or Macintosh-based Operating System
  • Pentium 300 MHz or faster
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • Available USB
  • Ethernet Card
Line-of-Sight Survey

ERF Wireless strives to provide customers with the best service possible. Upon placing your order for erfSpeed broadband, we map the location of our nearest tower to your location to determine whether you qualify for erfSpeed broadband. Once it is determined that you qualify for service, you will be contacted, within three to five business days, to schedule a line-of-site (LOS) survey to test the signal quality and perform installation (weather permitting) of your desired service. You should be present during the LOS as ERF Wireless must have access to your roof and information regarding location for your equipment. Due to potential obstructions, such as hills, trees, buildings, etc., erfSpeed broadband access may only be obtained if additional equipment is installed. All options will be discussed with you prior to service installation.


Get ready to experience optimum Internet speeds - up to six mbps! After the LOS, our technician will begin installation. It is important to be present for the installation process and your contract must be signed upon installation. In a typical installation, the antenna is mounted on a 3' satellite mount fastened to the roof or on the eve of the roof (antenna location is determined by the LOS survey). From the antenna, a 3/8" diameter coax cable will connect the antenna to the indoor unit. The cable must be run to a penetration point on an outside wall of your structure as the installation technician is not allowed to access the attic for any reason. A category five network cable will then connect the indoor subscriber unit to the computer or router. All penetration points, either on the roof due to antenna mounting, or at the point at which the cable enters the structure, will be properly sealed and waterproofed.

All scheduled installs are tentatively scheduled, weather permitting. If your installation needs to be rescheduled, every effort will be made to reschedule your appointment promptly. 2.4 GHz appliances, such as microwaves, home monitors and cordless phones may interfere with Internet service.

If you would like pricing for residential or business services in your specific area, please enter your ZIP code.


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