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ERF Wireless

Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP)
The Bundled Wireless Services Division provides a variety of Internet, voice, data and video services across the country, both under the ERF Wireless brand, as well as under the localized branding of other ISP companies that have been acquired. This division is also in the process of building or acquiring wireless broadband networks to serve private entities, cities, municipalities and the general public. Currently, the Bundled Wireless Services Division owns and operates one of the largest wireless broadband networks in the U.S. and is expected to grow significantly over the next few years through a combination of acquisitions and internal growth.

Oil & Gas
The Oil & Gas Services Division utilizes the wireless broadband expertise, project management skills, wireless network coverage footprint, monitoring and maintenance capabilities, proprietary security technology and the resources of the other divisions of ERF Wireless to provide a unique wireless broadband product and service offering to the major oilfield producers and service providers, including secure, cost-effective data transmission to and from drilling rigs and production wells worldwide. The data transmission capabilities of the Oil & Gas Services Division are extremely cost-effective and much more robust than any of the existing sources of data transmission previously utilized by the oil and gas industry.

The Enterprise Network Services Division provides banks and financial institutions with secure, next generation high-speed data connectivity through its BranchNet, US-BankNet and WiNet solutions. This division is also structured to provide the turnkey design and implementation of secure wireless broadband networks for enterprise-class bank applications.

System Design and Wireless Infrastructure Equipment
The Wireless Messaging Services Division provides project-level wireless broadband system design, construction and implementation, and manufactures and supplies high-power wireless infrastructure equipment. This division is also responsible for the design and implementation of the company's FTTH systems in exclusive gated communities.

Network Maintenance and Monitoring
The Network Operations Division provides the overall day-to-day maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of all wireless broadband networks that the company constructs, acquires, maintains and administers, as well as third party networks requiring these same services.

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