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Connection Guarantee

The ERF Wireless Connection Guarantee covers all wireless installations for 30 days against installation defects and operational failures with the exception of physical damage to the equipment. Service failures found to be due to water incursion into external connectors are guaranteed for 90 days.

The ERF Wireless Connection Guarantee covers any hardware from the antenna to the wireless radio and the network cable between the radio and the internal device (router, PC etc). Any device beyond this demarcation is the responsibility of the customer and therefore is not the covered by the Connection Guarantee. Services provided to customer equipment beyond this demarcation will be billed at standard onsite service rates unless a service agreement has been acquired through our Services department. Customer will not be charged for technician warranty labor for the first month following installation. During this time, however a Travel and Service Preparation fee of $18.75 will be charged and payable upon completion of site visit.

Onsite service calls for loss of connectivity due to changes in ERF Wireless network infrastructure, or problems with the wireless network, are covered by the Connection Guarantee and will be completed at no charge. If network connectivity can be demonstrated to a technician's laptop or similar device at the demarcation point referenced in the paragraph above, standard onsite service rates will apply.

Onsite visits by a technician to correct configuration changes made by the user, equipment relocation and all other service calls not covered by the warranty above will be subject to service call fees. Should a service call be necessary, service calls are billed at $85.00 per hour, with a one hour minimum. A Travel and Service Preparation fee of $18.75 may also be assessed. Fees billed for onsite service calls will be applied to your next billing statement.

To avoid unnecessary service call fees, please contact the Technical Support Department for preliminary troubleshooting, or before making any changes to your current computer set-up.

The Subscriber acknowledges that they have been advised of the importance of connecting radio equipment to AC power through a proper surge protector. The surge protector manufacturer will handle warranties for equipment failure due to power surge or lightning.

The Subscriber agrees to pay all fees and charges (if any) that are applicable under The Company's service call policy.
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